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Open Collaboration Tools

Collaborative editing for your IDE or custom editor

Boost remote teamwork with open source technology. Share your editor contents and see changes in real-time.

Extensible by design: connect custom editors from your IDE or web app. Deploy a collaboration server to suit your specific needs.

Abstract illustration of collaborative editing

Multiple cursors

See what others are looking at: the cursors and selections of all participants are highlighted in your editor.

End-to-end encryption

Messages between participants are encrypted so not even the server knows what you are sharing – only those you invited do.

IDE extensions

Get the VS Code extension from Open VSX or the VS Code Marketplace. Eclipse Theia has a built-in extension package for the direct integration of Open Collaboration Tools.

Integrate in your web app

Include collaborative editing right in your web application with a text editor such as Monaco. You can even share contents between the web app and an IDE!

Customize everything

Connect your custom editors: text-based, form-based, graphical, or any other paradigm. Empower your users with real-time collaboration, regardless of their background and expertise.

Deploy on-premises

You wish to adopt Open Collaboration Tools in your organization? The server is easy to deploy behind your firewall and can be connected to your authentication service.

The Public Open Collaboration Server

Server URL:

This public server instance is used as the default server in the extensions for Theia and VS Code. Feel free to use the public server for any open source work, or to evaluate and test Open Collaboration Tools. However, we recommend all companies who wish to adopt this technology to deploy their own instance, secured with their existing access restrictions.

Usage of the public server is bound to its Terms of Use. Please read them carefully and use our Discussions for any questions.